What if hundreds of thousands of the most talented individuals in the world could team up to create technologies that make life easier, healthier and more fulfilling for everyone on the planet?

That’s what contributors to free/libre/open-source (FLO) projects are doing everyday.

And they need your help.

Our Work

We deliver open source solutions for individuals, organizations and networks helping humanity achieve abundance.

We Deliver


We provide information management strategy, software development, network facilitation, fiscal sponsorship, open source projects support, and more.


We produce projects that show people how free and open source solutions can solve real and local problems, with a particular focus in New York City.


We create content and experiences that build support for the adoption of open-source tools and techniques in the nonprofit sector and beyond.

Our Areas of Focus

Our Blog

Attribution: Top image by Wikipedia. Helicopter designed by Manuela Ribas, Farm by Brand Mania, Network designed by Gabriele Lorusso and Government Building by Adrian Coquet from the Noun Project.